Il Poggio alle Ville for Art

We are happy to announce a new partnership between our agriturismo in Mugello, Tuscant and Arte Laguna Prize in Venice promoting contemporary art.

The Edlmann family was always very interested in art and considered it a fundamental element in children’s education. Many members of the family were also gifted and some of their drawings and paintings find a place of honour in our home.

Raffaele’s great-grandfather’s drawing dedicated to his own father in 1867

In the recent past we have also hosted a few en-plein air painting workshops with artists from the UK and Germany, all falling in love with the beautiful surroundings.

Breathless: unique views in Tuscany

So you can imagine that when we were asked to join a prestigious list of partners and sponsors for the Arte Laguna Prize in Venice, one of the most important contemporary art international competitions, we immediately accepted.

A wow contemporary art competition in a divine location: Arte Laguna Prize in Venice

This year Arte Laguna Prize has reached its 13th edition with artists from around 25 countries competing for several prizes including art residences, exhibition openings and many more prizes generously offered by all partners.

Saturday March 30th a great exhibition of the selected finalists opens in an amazing location: Nappe dell’Arsenale, the old shipyard area of Venice.

Arsenale in Venice – special location for the Biennale di Venezia and other exhibitions
Impressive atmosphere at the Arte Laguna Prize in Venice

Since art has been a part of our family’s life for century, and the love for art was always encouraged in the young generations, we are glad that the organizers encourage children to visit the exhibition and take part starting this year in two special labs.

Art and technology – perfect marriage for young generations
Art is a never-ending exploration for children

Our prize will consist of a one week holiday at our complex of farmhouses in Mugello and will be assigned to an artist who reflects through her work the magic connection between art and nature, between our natural paradise and an imagined paradise.

Dario Tironi, 2011, shorlisted artist
Dalia Baassiri, multidisciplinary artist and winner of last year’s 12th ed Arte Laguna Prize

We are excited to participate as a sincere supporter at Arte Laguna Prize along with Europe’s oldest weaving factory Tessitura Bevilacqua and many other companies and institutions who understand the necessity of investing (not only money but especially energy and time) in art for the improvement of our world in crisis.

Rich velvet fabrics created by Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua since the 18th century
Venice, a sister-in-beauty for Florence, will mark your soul forever

Stay tuned on our social media to find out who will be the artist to soon visit our agriturismo and take inspiration from this blessed piece of earth.

Arriving at Il Poggio alle Ville… a breathtaking view welcomes all guests

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