Villa Montagna, Your Home in Mugello

In June 2018 we celebrated 20 years since Villa Montagna, our family holiday villa for 18 guests, has been welcoming travelers from all over the world. This year, Villa Montagna is a perfect place for a healthy holiday in full safety.

The intense restoration works lasted for nearly two years and the result was quite amazing even to our family.

1996 – an old Tuscan house where peasants and animals had lived together for centuries
Villa Montagna today, happy to accommodate many couples who get married in Tuscany

Unbelievable amount of energy and dedication, especially on the part of Maria-Laura, Raffaele’s mother, was invested in redesigning this historical house for cozy family holidays in Mugello, Tuscany. Maria-Laura kept almost every single original stone and piece of wood that was possible, thus creating a charming atmosphere in each room.

The house was heated only with this fireplace. Bread was baked daily in the oven on the left
The old fireplace is still important to all guests, especially in autumn and winter.
The abandoned garden at the back of the house was transformed into…
…large terrace just outside the kitchen, ideal for any meal in good company!

When on holiday in Villa Montagna you do feel sometime like walking back in time. Our family holiday villa keeps a lot of the old Tuscan style of life, while being a comfortable house with modern amenities.

While remodeling the house, more works too place outside and…
… a pool with a view was built where all guests sunbathe and relax
Romantic roses by the pool in Villa Montagna, a charming setting

Away from the stressful and demanding city life, our family holiday villa is a small and regenerating oasis. The surrounding nature and the unique geographic setting of the house are probably the most appreciated aspects during everyone’s holiday at our place in Mugello, Tuscany.

View from the garden of Villa Montagna: our fields, olive trees and beautiful woods
Arriving at Villa Montagna (the house on the top of the hill, by the cypress trees).
Summer panorama from Villa Montagna
Spectacle of nature, just before a summer sunset

Apart from restructuring Villa Montagna and all farmhouses, our family has been working in improving and diversifying the certified organic agricultural production. Extravirgin olive oil, honey, vegetables, fruit trees, truffles are also part of our everyday commitment to countryside life.

View over the farmhouses at the end of the 1980s
View over the farmhouses and fields in 2014

Each year Villa Montagna welcomes a few couples (together with their families and friends) who choose the entire estate of Il Poggio alle Ville as a location for their intimate wedding in Tuscany.

International wedding party in the garden of Villa Montagna
Unique landscape for a unique day

We regularly have special or customized offers for this truly unique family holiday villa. At the moment, there is are Special Offers going on. Email us directly at: with your personal request.

Looking forward to sharing even more of our history with you and toasting with a glass of wine to your holidays!

Villa Montagna’s pleasant green garden and loggia


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