Old Doors and Windows in Tuscany

My love for old doors and windows started from the very first weeks of my new life in Tuscany nearly 20 years ago. I was always looking for postcards with windows surrounded by geranium pots or old wooden doors of charming countryside houses to send back home in Bucharest, Romania to family and friends.

Perfect postcard from Tuscany – photo credit @toomuchtuscany

For all my childhood I lived in a big city and everyday I longed for a place in the countryside where I could go play and run in the fields. My grandfather had told me stories of his family’s large farm, but the arrival of communism after the Second World War brought to an end the concept of private property. Hundreds of hectares were confiscated and decades of hard work vanished like smoke in the air.

Little did I know that my childhood dreams would come true in different country. Here I am now helping to care for a place rich in history and simple beauty like Il Poggio alleVille.  My “new” countryside…

Old stable door with bright geraniums and a tiny lemon tree

It is the entire merit of Nicoletta Gabbrielli, who carefully photographed our agriturismo a few summers ago, that I realized how many beautiful doors and windows there are here too.

One of the two entrance doors to Villa Montagna
The old door of our smallChapel dating from 1720

During the renovation works in the mid-1990s, my mother-in-law (a former biologist specialized in wood restoration) insisted that all old doors inside the houses must be kept in place, restored and admired for their sheer beauty.

When on holiday at Poggio alle Ville pay attention to the carefully restored doors
Restored old stable doors are quite fascinating

Nicoletta took some wonderful shots of internal and external windows in the sun.

Old windows under the Tuscan sun

She also captured some hidden doors of former stables that somehow I always ignored. Her photos helped us rediscover our place under many aspects, and we are truly grateful.

Behind this old door there is our small museum with old tools used on the farm
Just imagine sitting on that bench for a chat …

And remember: When one door closes, another opens.

The old barn door under the staircase leading to farmhouse La Colombaia

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