Fiat 500 Amore Mio: Our Four-Wheeled Mascot

A few years ago, Raffaele decided to move me, an old Fiat 500, from my home in Fiesole to Il Poggio alle Ville. He had little time to drive me around but missed me a lot.

The idea of spending the rest of my days in the countryside made me nervous – I’m an old city guy.  But the last thing I expected was to be so much photographed and caressed by all guests.

My first hot summer at Il Poggio alle Ville

Guests like to look at me from many angles and share their photos on Facebook or Instagram. It seems that Fiat 500 is a hot tag on social media. Some of their friends back home even suggested I should be bought and taken abroad! Raffaele of course would not allow that – Lucky me!

Thank you Remco for this nice shot and special filter on Instagram 🙂


Willemien even made me look younger in this photo
I’m always part of some photo

I never thought a Fiat 500 would enjoy the company of a big brother, but I actually do. We don’t see much of each other in summer, but in winter we spend quite some time together.

A few winters ago with my big brother

One day, I finally got to meet my grandson. He’s a fine chap, very smart, well educate. These young kids of our Fiat 500 family are probably too hi-tech for my taste.

Here we are: my grandson and I. Thank you Barbara for the photo!
He’s taller than me, handsome and good looking. I’m just charming (so I’ve heard).
Ronald and Barbara made it possible for me to meet my grandson for the first time


I told you: I get to be the star in the end

After all this time in Mugello, I find it difficult to imagine going back to city life. Life here is easy, I relax in the sun, I attend all pizza parties and, most of all, I am part of memorable photos of dear guests who come to get married in Tuscany.

So excited I was included in a wedding album

Next time you come to Il Poggio alle Ville for your holidays, do stop by for a chat and a glass of wine. We can enjoy the wonderful Tuscan sunsets together. And if I am ever to be restored, I will take you for a Fiat 500 tour around the hills of Mugello. Not sure whether I will be able to compete with these guys, but will do my best!

After restoration I will be strong and wild again

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