Open Air Pizza Party in Mugello

What can be more exciting than a pizza party when on a holiday in Tuscany?! Our guest families and us come together every week to eat, chat, laugh and drink while tasting schiacciata and five other types of probably the most famous Italian food.

One of the main protagonists of the pizza evening is the historical oven built a couple of centuries ago in-between farmhouse La Canonica and a wood shelter.

The fire is lit up around 3pm to be able to bake the pizzas around 7pm… (photo B. Muecke)

The preparation of the dough takes place behind the closed doors of our kitchen. It is a long, important and delicate moment when flour, yeast and water blend together in a perfect marriage-à-trois. We recommend you have a light lunch the day of the party – the evening is long and you must taste each and every type of pizza we prepare for you.

There is a lot of hard work in preparing around 10 kgs of pizza dough…

Around 6.30 pm we start bring out trays of dough, i panetti di pizza, and start working the dough to make the famous schiacciata which is the appetizer of the party.  Italian kids grow on schiacciata as a healthy snack!

“Schiacciata”, the traditional flat bread, with evoo, sage and rosemary from the garden
Baking schiacciata in an old oven is a moment you must experience when in Tuscany
Soft and crunchy at the same time, schiacciata is a delight for every palate

Generally the first pizza to come out of our oven after the adored schiacciata is the queen of all pizzas, the famous pizza Margherita! Although this kind of pizza must have existed already at the end of the 18th century, it is only starting 1889 that it officially bears the name of Margherita. A cook named Raffaele Esposito prepared for Italy’s king Umberto I and his queen Margherita di Savoia during their visit in Naples three different types of pizza. Queen Margherita preferred the one evoking the country’s flag: red, white and green (pomodoro, mozzarella fresca and basilico).

Children’s most beloved pizza: Margherita – with our home made tomato sauce
The pizza party is all about: STARE INSIEME. Guests, staff, and us hosts. A big family.

A suprising white pizza is the one where the sweetness courgette flowers (yes, in Tuscany we eat these flowers too) and the strong taste of gorgonzola, all on a mozzarella bed.

Courgette (zucchine) flowers from our vegetable garden
All guests enjoy seeing how each pizza is made
The oven and the fire are a major attraction for passionate photographers among our guests. Credit AndStory
One of Raffaele’s favourites: sausage, onion and stracchino…

The easy and relaxed atmosphere of the evening, the stories that everyone shares, the happiness of the children – all contribute to create unforgettable memories to cherish when you return home.

Tables are set in a simple way hoping to make you feel like at home. Credit: AndStory
Around 3-4 different nationalities come together at our pizza parties from spring until autumn
Our favourite photo captures what Tuscany is 🙂 Credit: AndStory

Thank you KoolPhoto and AndStory for some of the wonderful shots.

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