San Vincenzo Ferreri Chapel in Mugello

Many farms in Tuscany have their own tiny chapel. Ours is just to the left of the Reception entrance. You notice the cross above the door. In the last couple of years the door is open most of the times to let everyone enjoy this small and peaceful place. 

The Chapel was always part of the small hamlet of Le Ville that was restructured and transformed into the complex of seven farmhouses and historical villa Il Poggio alle Ville.

The entrance to our small chapel dating 1710

The oldest building on the estate of Il Poggio alle Ville seems to be Villa Montagna where Raffaele’s parents found a stone with the engraving 1629. The research conducted by the art restorer who helped us bring back to life this small treasure indicated  1710 as its possible year of birth.

Il Poggio alle Ville as you know it today is the result of the tremendous vision of Raffaele’s parents (see our history page). One of the last parts to be restored was the Chapel. Our family decided to embark on this delicate operation in 2008.
Three centuries and a lot of humidity have destroyed nearly everything – November 2008

The works started in November 2008 and lasted for nearly six months since it was only one art restorer doing everything. Lots of patience, lots of energy but above all a lot of passion went into understanding the layers of painting in the frescoes and reaching the original ones.

April 2009 – what a change after six months of work

We discovered that the chapel was dedicated to Saint Vincenzo Ferreri, a Spanish Dominican monk, patron of peasants and bricklayers – the perfect saint for our fields and all farmhouses.

The altar containing the “consecration stone” before and after restoration

The pavement, original hexagonal cotto from the 1700s, was taken out (and then replaced) in 2015. A labyrinth for air circulation was created underneath so that  the restored frescoes would be protected from the humidity that kept rising from the ground.

The last anti-humidity works at the Chapel

The chapel was inaugurated on the 19th of May 2009 with a small concert offered by two dear and historical guests. Tish and Frances have been organizing several music workshops at Il Poggio alle Ville, teaching Renaissance music. It was a unique experience listening to them.

Tish and Frances and their divine interpretation of Renaissance music

If you happen to find the chapel door closed during your stay at our place, please remind us to open it. The San Vincenzo Ferreri Chapel is a place for meditation, for prayer or just for rest. We like to keep it as alive as possible and would be honored to host your intimate wedding or a blessing.

Soft tone colours create a peaceful atmosphere in our chapel

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